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a literary magazine at the borders

Our name is the borderline as we are a blossoming literary magazine from Arizona, a borderline state. We want to read the words from your creative margins, words that exist in the colorful space between melding ideas and thoughts. the borderline also strives to elevate and amplify marginalized communities. 

We are a team of youth creators that publish youth works and prioritize BIPOC voices.

our logo
designed by Cin Que

Cin Que (pen name) is a culturally-ambivalent writer and artist ('Kamaeri') emerging from Melbourne/Naarm. She creates with various mediums to reflect and delve into the depths of human identity and societal frameworks.


Cactus Plants

Myra Kamal



Myra Kamal is a college student from Arizona. She was named the 2021-2022 Phoenix Youth Poet Laureate. In her free time, she loves to bike, read chapbook gems, or drink a hot bowl of soup on the rare rainy day.


Enling Liao

Managing Editor


Enling Liao is a first-year university student in Australia studying Politics, Philosophy, & Economics and Applied Data Analytics. She has been a Community Ambassador for Write the World and is also currently a Web Content Intern at Sine Theta Magazine. She loves early mornings, oranges, mountains, and fresh green vegetables. 🌿🍊🌄


Fifi Wang

Issue Director

Poetry Editor

The 2 am writer that occupies the mind of seventeen-year-old Yun-Fei Wang has taken over her consciousness for the last few years, her inner world expanding into an infinitely inward spiral. Find her in the evanescence of black-inked words, or at @rainofelsewhere on Instagram.


Kinnereth Din

Executive Editor

Kinnereth Din is a writer, poet, and artist from North Texas who’s obsessed with all things artistic. She loves thunderstorms, fuzzy socks, and lazy mornings. Her poetry has been published in Youth Be Heard’s online gallery, the Galliard International Review, The Weight Journal, and is forthcoming in the Intersections Magazine. Kinnereth is also an executive editor at Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, as well as staff artist for Kalopsia Literary Journal. When she isn’t pursuing art or poetry, you can usually find her daydreaming with a cup of tea in hand.


Luana Góes

Art Editor

Luana Góes is a mixed media artist and college student from Brazil. She likes to combine several different mediums to create unique mixed media art pieces. She also has a passion for design, video editing and music.

isabella lobo.jpg

Isabella Lobo

Prose Editor

Staff Writer

Isabella Lobo is a teenage artist and writer from South Florida. Her artwork and writing have received awards at the national level through Scholastic Art and Writing and have been published in COUNTERCLOCK Lit, the Harbor Review, and the Firefly Review, among others. She enjoys reading, drawing, skateboarding, and making playlists. 

Thomas Lu.png

Thomas Lu

Prose Editor

Thomas Lu is an incoming college freshman from Illinois. He is an alumnus of the Iowa Young Writer’s Studio, and he appears in The Weight Journal as well as Cathartic. His work has also been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. When he’s not writing, he loves to go on runs, try new pasta shapes, and go on Wikipedia deep dives.

laila azhar.HEIC

Laila Azhar

Staff Writer

Laila Azhar is a junior in high school from the Bay Area. Her writing has appeared in Grain of Salt Magazine. When she's not swamped with schoolwork, she's devouring as many books as she can get her hands on. She's also an avid Taylor Swift fan, Jenga expert, and collector of interesting jewelry. You can find her on Twitter @lailaazharla.


Cailey Tin

Poetry Editor

Cailey Tin is a southeast Asian-based staff writer and podcast co-host at The Incandescent Review, columnist at Paper Crane Journal, Spiritus Mundi, and Incognito Press. Her work is published or is forthcoming in the Raven Review, Eunoia Review, Dragon Bone Publishing, and elsewhere. When not writing, she can be found reading about global history, shamelessly watching cartoons, or exercising for her scoliosis. 

Ava Chen.jpg

Ava Chen

Poetry Editor

Ava Chen is a rising high school senior from Massachusetts. Her writing has been recognized by Columbia College Chicago, Smith College, the national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and more, and has appeared in various journals. When not writing, you can find her taking very long walks or playing piano for her two pet turtles. 

Elizabeth .jpg

Elizabeth Ip

Poetry Editor

Elizabeth lives in Singapore, with her dog and viola. Her work is published or forthcoming in Eunoia Review, The Dawn Review, and Lavender Bones Magazine among others. They use a BAHA 5 Sound Processor, and occasionally Twitter and Instagram (where you can find them at @elizablurts).

Cactus on Yellow Wall

Previous Editors & Staff

Cin Que, Samiksha Ransom, Kinnereth Din, Jenny Hu, Nikki P.

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